Unlike a lot of our competitors we do not use sub-contractors or buy through a wholesale company. In order to provide the highest quality service you need to have employees. With employees you have consistent training, reliable vehicles, and state mandated insurance. Having properly maintained vehicles is a key to providing great service. Leaking oil on your driveway or the inability to make an appointment due to vehicle failures. Sub-contractors are paid by the job or by commission. Either way you have a person at your home without your best interest in mind. If they are commission based they may sell you a lot of things you don’t need for their personal gain. Employees have the long term in mind. Sloppy work is unacceptable and we do periodic checks to ensure that each employee is maintaining the high standard we have set. We base our review process on 3 primary areas.

  1.  Workmanship Warranty Claims
  2. Customer Satisfaction
  3. Professionalism


As an Amarr Garage Door Master Dealer we are able to price our doors at a great price. Less companies handling the product mean a better value for you the customer. Warranty claims are also much easier when purchasing from an authorized Master Dealer.