Take Advantage of Summer to Better Prepare for Winter!

We've all been there, be it heading out to work, runnig errands or simply just to leave the house and you are stopped immediately with an unexpected hiccup that totally re-reoutes your entire day. You stress about what to do next! How are you going to accomplish the days events that you were so prepared for? You have to cancel plans, reschedule events and are just frustrated at how this could possibly happen to you.

At Reliable Garage Door, we have customers who deal with these types of issues on a daily basis. The door won't open, they can't get their car out of the garage, have to pick up their kids, call in late to work, etc, etc.....And, that is just during the Summer! We can all agree that during the Winter we have far less patience, are dealing with extremely cold temperatures and just don't have time to deal with things like this.

We get it, totally understand that it is no fun and not only can it disrupt your day, but your week and even more. The #1 thing you can do to help avoid these issues with your door is to schedule a "Garage Door Tune-Up" and make sure your door is working optimally before the Winter comes. Its no surprise that things don't work as well in the Winter as they do in the Summer. The Reliable Garage Door Tune-Up is a complete safety inspection on over 40 moving parts of your garage door. Not only do we inspect all these areas, we can also recommend options to make the door work even better. If nothing else, you now have the confidence in knowing that a highly trained & skilled Garage Door Professional has take a look at your door.