You never know when the garage door in your Woodbury home is going to shock you by not opening or closing; it could be during any part of the day or night, then what do you do, you can’t leave it unattended due to security reasons; this is where the 24 X 7 garage door repair and servicing in Woodbury is going to step in to help you with your problem.

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Is Your Garage Door Problematic?

Of course, you will have to immediately call a garage door repair and servicing company that works round the clock and offers emergency services, day or night.

But before this you should sum up the problem briefly and see what sort of repair work is needed to get your garage door going again. This information will surely be very helpful to the technicians who can then come prepared with the necessary tools or spare parts to set it right. If you can diagnose the problem and give accurate information half the job is done.

From then on the technicians will take over and do all that is necessary to overcome the problem and if necessary they will advise you to go in for a replacement of garage door.

Check it Yourself!


Batteries are the ones that have to be checked first if your garage door is not opening. Several garage door openers do not have a system to alert you when the battery is dying or even dead, but even after replacing the batteries if your door isn’t working then it is time to call in the professionals.

Door track is the next thing to be checked; it could be blocked by some object or dirt, it should work again if this blockage is removed and track cleaned.

Springs are another area that most often causes the problem; they are designed to endure about 10,000 cycles. If your usage is more they could wear out faster and would need to be replaced by professionals.

Once these three areas are checked and ruled out it is time to call in the garage door repair and servicing in Woodbury to repair or replace as necessary.

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